Secondly, punishment

Secondly, punishment Punishment, especially corporal, will muffle sense of guilt and will dull a remorse, and, most likely, the unpleasant physical feelings connected with punishment will be forgotten over time, and it will start over again to behave outrageously.

Secondly, punishment of the child under these conditions when he already suffers a remorse, can cause in it undesirable feelings of anger.

When the child already sincerely repented of the offense, he is tormented desperately by conscience.

He punishes himself.

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Partially Partially it will be the help with economy and care of the child, but moral support endurance, understanding, tenderness, ability to appreciate work of the wife is even more important.

The wife will be tired very much and sometimes will not be able to be gentle to the husband and will not estimate his attempt to help it.

She, perhaps, will often complain but if the husband understands how the wife is in his love and support during this period in great need, he, despite everything, will try to give her help.

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Next day the child

Next day the child These signs are usually shown in days after an inoculation.

The doctor can prescribe medicine for simplification of a condition of the child.

Next day the child has to feel much better.

If temperature does not fall down, fault any more not an inoculation, but other infection.

The combined inoculation does not cause symptoms of cold and cough.

Usually doctors do not allow to do this inoculation if the child is chilled and with something is sick.

Often in a prick place within several months there is a hardening.

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Include Suicidology consider that most of teenagers who either made, or are going to make a suicide, are anyway connected with alcohol and drugs.

Include in this group of a suicidology also those teenagers who drank or took drug directly before commission of suicide attempt, and those who drank and it was pricked regularly, and at whom parents alcoholics and addicts only / all young people who committed suicide.

Happens and so that your friends who drink and are pricked but to which the suicide does not threaten, so will be fond of alcohol and drugs that too can appear in a dangerous zone.

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Do not think

Do not think If you are in such situation, follow a voice of common sense.

Do not think that each type of food needs to be entered into strictly certain terms.

The new food needs to be given at first gradually, gradually increasing its quantity.

Especially carefully make changes to food of the child which easily has disorders of digestion.

Milk Milk after a year.

Milk contains almost all nutrients necessary for a human body: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts and almost all vitamins.

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